A career in the pharmaceutical sciences is full of opportunities. The pharmacy industry is one such industry that thrives on research and development. Analysis and testing go hand in hand with this industry. For the same highly skilled staff is required to handle sensitive analytical dealings and sophisticated equipment. The pharmacists in the hospitals are the best informed individuals for prescribing a drug. Pharmacy graduates have important role in hospitals and can earn attractive remuneration. Options of working in production and manufacturing are also huge. One can start his/ her own venture or work for someone too. Considering all this, Ch. Kehar Singh Educational Trust has initiated Bhagwati College of Pharmacy in our premise. 


Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharma) is a four-year undergraduate program in which students study the methods and process of preparing drugs and how does the dispensing of medicine and drugs take place. Anyone who aspires to be a pharmacist today, it is mandatory for them to undertake this course so that they have thorough and in-depth knowledge of the science of the medicine. B.Pharma imparts useful knowledge about biochemical science and healthcare business.

D. Pharma

Diploma in Pharmacy is a 2-year full-time Diploma course divided into 4 semesters. D.Pharmacy has been designed to prepare candidates to work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist in hospitals, community pharmacies, and other related pharmaceutical fields.