Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The institute is privileged that academic and administrative leadership is provided by eminent academician good years of teaching and research experience. We are having faculties those are trained for the preparation of good career for all the students.

Department of Pharmaceutics

In Pharmaceutics Department students undergo training for dispensing of prescriptions for preparations like emulsions, suspensions, solutions, creams, ointments, inhalations, liniments, paints, syrups, mixtures, pastes, powders, suppositories etc. They are trained for the preparation of aromatic waters, syrups, spirits, solutions, glycerin’s, mouth washes, ear & nasal drops, elixirs, mucilages, infusions, tinctures and extracts.

Department of Pharmacognosy

The students carryout identification of various crude drugs by means of chemical, macroscopic and microscopic tests. Non-biology students study various practical aspects of botany & zoology so as to be trained for understanding the subjects of pharmacognosy & APHE. They also learn extraction and characterization of medicinal plants.

Department of Pharmacology

In this Department students get training in the estimation of urea, creatinine hemoglobin, urine, sugar, proteins, recording of body temperature, B.P., ECG-PQRST, experiments of nerve muscle preparations, vital capacity & microscopic study of different tissues. The human body and different systems the students learn with the help of models & charts. The laboratory is equipped with haemoeytometers, haemometer haemoglobinometer, microscopes, human skeleton, sphygmanometers, charts, models, centrifuge, Spiro meter, stopwatches, stethoscopes, kymograph drum etc.