Our aim is to liberate hidden potentials and widen mental horizon of the students by sustaining an ethos throughout in our campus area that promotes the interactive teaching and learning process, and thereby to prepare them for facing life challenges in a competitive world of the modern age. 

Every person-child, youth and adult could be benefited from educational opportunities designed to meet their basic learning needs. Basic learning needs comprise both the essential learning tools and the basic learning content required by human beings to be able to survive , to developed their full capacities , to live and work in dignity , to participate fully in development, to improve the quality of their lives, and to continue learning .

Our trust is here to provide a wide range of variety of educational opportunities to the students to make choice of their careers. Besides this our’s motto is to work for the humanity with great humility & generousness. However, we try our best to impart excellent education and training to the students in order to equip them for better professional & personal life.

The aim of our school is to provide a distinctive combination of academic excellence and professional relevance to lay a solid foundation for personal development.

Late Ch. Kehar Singh

Ch. Kehar Singh Institute of Paramedical Sciences and Hospital has a spacious academic block whose design draws from nature light and air movement .